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Blood Group Test

Knowing your own blood type can be crucial in certain situations.  However, many people do not know their blood type.  When you buy a blood group test, you can determine your blood type.

What is a blood group test?

A blood group test can be useful not only in various life situations, but also in some cases even in a vital way, for example if a blood transfusion is needed.  Nobody likes to think about this in everyday life, but in many cases it can be helpful to test your own blood group.

Blood group tests have a meaning for different purposes.  For example, to determine which blood can be given for transfusion before surgery, but also to clarify legal questions.

Since our blood group we inherit from our parents, a blood group test can be used in pediatric reports to determine a relationship of relationship.  Anyone who has ever dealt with the causes of a food intolerance knows that a blood-specific diet can also promote healing.

What is a blood type?

blood group testA blood group describes how the proteins form on the surface of the red blood cells of humans.

These proteins (proteins) differ in different blood groups.  They have the ability to bind antibodies and are therefore called antigens.  Antigen-antibody reactions are the basis of blood group tests, as well as drug tests and other tests.

Why is that important?

Our immune system has the task to protect the body from intruders.  Therefore, it forms antibodies against foreign antigens to protect the body.  When the blood of different blood groups is mixed, the antibodies bind the antigens from the foreign blood, and the blood clogs.  It can no longer flow, leading to death.

It is therefore vital to determine and know your own blood group with a blood test so that in an emergency blood transfusion only the blood of the same blood group is supplied.

Which and how many blood groups are there?

Of the many blood group systems developed to categorize the human blood groups, two have prevailed, the ABO system and the rhesus system.  After this, there are four blood groups, which occur differently frequently and can be distinguished with a blood group home test.

blood group test


The rhesus system (Rh) is named after the rhesus monkey, which was used in the study of blood groups in animal experiments on rabbits.  The blood test showed that so-called Rh antibodies were formed against the monkey blood.

Similar reactions in humans led to the discovery of the current blood group system, according to which Rh-positive and Rh-negative blood groups are distinguished.

A third division, which is important in connection with the blood group, is the Kell Antigen system.  A frequently occurring antibody called Anti-Kell, short anti-K.

This antibody, which becomes visible in a blood test, carries risks associated with pregnancy.  At the latest, if your pregnancy test has been positive, you should conduct a blood analysis in order to rule out the child’s dangerous situation in case of a necessary transfusion.  The frequency of the Kell antibody is very different

How and where can I test my blood type?

Blood tests are performed not only in the hospital before surgery.  A doctor can also perform a blood group test.  However, it is the easiest and often more cost-effective way to determine the blood group at home using a blood group home test or a blood group rapid test for self-administration.

If you want to buy a blood group test, you can find a selection of good and inexpensive fast tests for self-application at home here.  Such a test is straightforward for everyone in a few minutes.

The tests are high-quality home tests specially designed for private use.  The manufacturers are subject to strict quality controls and the tests comply with the required ISO standards.  Therefore, blood group tests are very reliable.

Reliable and cheap blood group tests can be ordered online below.

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Buy blood group test – and then?

You want to buy a blood group test, but do not know how it is done?  Then you will find information about this.

In order to perform a blood group test at home, you only need the accessories that are included in the test set, as well as possibly some water.

The blood group tests of the various manufacturers all function in a similar way.  Therefore, the procedure described here applies in principle to each blood group rapid test for self-diagnosis:

  • Open the pack and unpack the parts according to the instructions for use. For sampling, pierce the finger with the enclosed lancet at the described point.  Depending on the test, moisten the fields on the test card.
  • The resulting blood droplet is taken up with the pipette and applied to the first field in the test card.  Repeat the procedure for the remaining fields on the test card.
  • Gently rock the card back and forth until the blood droplets on the test pads are evenly distributed.
    Let the card dry.
  • Read your blood group by comparison with the evaluation description.
  • The blood group test is finished!

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