How To Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally

by kate

How To Effectively Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally

Do natural methods and drugs are effective to increase testosterone levels in men?  Which supplements really work?  Before we go deeper into the details of how to effectively increase testosterone levels naturally, let’s get to know about testosterone.

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is the most important male sex hormone, mainly responsible for:

  • the formation of men’s characteristics and the level of sexual libido (sexual desire); and
  • the growth of muscle tissue and the burning of excess fat.

In fact, anabolic steroids are synthetic testosterone.  Some men of young and middle age can have a low level of testosterone. If this is not associated with a particular disease, then it is easy to restore the normal level of androgens.

How does the lack of testosterone affect the body?

In addition to its basic functions, testosterone is responsible for such important functions as the formation of strong bones, strengthening hair, promoting the growth of bristles on the face, burning excess fat in the body, and also contributing to improved mood, general tone and mental activity.

testosteroneSymptoms of a low level of the hormone

  • Depressive state;
  • Bad mood or a depressed state;
  • Reduction or total absence of sexual desire (libido);
  • Increased predisposition to obesity;
  • Decrease in overall activity and tone in the body;
  • Deterioration of mental activity (mainly memory);
  • Sharp decrease in muscle mass and secondary sexual characteristics; and
  • Excessive irritability.

There are a few effective test kits that you can simply use to measure a testosterone level yourself at home!   For those who have found themselves with a lower level of testosterone, you should start taking certain measures, as this male hormone is extremely important for the male body.   It is very important to know how to increase its level naturally.

How to effectively increase testosterone levels naturally

There are many ways to increase testosterone levels in men – from simple natural methods like consumption of a number of herbs, vitamins and minerals to special medical treatments.

In order to increase the level of testosterone naturally, you should first look at the root cause of the problem, and find out what affects the decrease in testosterone levels.  After the root causes are identified, you can decide which treatment method is most suitable.

Increasing Testosterone Hormone Levels

1. Losing weight

People with overweight should pay attention to how to increase testosterone by natural methods.

Fat deposits affect the decrease in the level of this hormone.  That’s why you must have a healthy diet program and eat right.   The most important thing in losing weight is not to do too much drastic weight loss in shortest period of time.   For effective weight loss, it is practically enough to lose 0.9 to 3.3 lbs. (0.4 to 1.5 kg.) per week.  This amount is enough to increase the level of the male hormone in the body in the shortest possible time .

Men who are overweight have a lower level of sex hormones. This is a proven fact.  In adipose tissue, there is a transformation of male sex hormones into female estrogen.  And the more estrogen levels in the body, the less testosterone!

Thus, fat tissue forms a closed chain, which provokes a decrease in sex hormones.  You should be aware that the more excess weight, the less testosterone.

2.  Choosing Well-Balanced Diet

how to increase testosterone level naturallyWithout adequate nutrition, you can forget about testosterone.  The production of hormones is a complex process, as it implies the well-coordinated work of many body organs and systems.  Thus, it is necessary to provide the body with the necessary substances.

This can be compared to a bonfire: to light a large fire, it is necessary to have a lot of firewoods – without them there will be no fire. The same goes for the development of androgens.

What should be included in your healthy balanced diet?


Many people ask how to increase testosterone levels fast in a short time.  And the answer to this question is “zinc”, which is the main mineral required for the synthesis of testosterone.  Therefore, you should ensure its sufficient intake with food or supplements.

Zinc is the most important element for increasing libido.  Libido prevents the production of estrogen (the female hormone) in the body, which affects the lowered levels of the male hormone.

In addition, zinc has the ability to convert most of the hormones into testosterone, which, naturally is necessary for those who suffer from its deficiency.

Foods such as oysters, poultry, seafood, seeds, nuts, and liver contain the necessary amount of zinc and can increase the total content of testosterone in the body.

So, for those who urgently need to retake the missing amount of a male hormone, it is enough to consume about 100 ml of zinc per day.

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Other necessary minerals that improve the effectiveness of testosterone are calcium, selenium and magnesium.


For complete health, the body needs all vitamins.  However, there are key vitamins that play a special role in increasing the level of testosterone.  These are:

Vitamin C – an antioxidant, inhibits the production of cortisol;

Vitamin E – antioxidant, helps insulin cope with increased sugar;

Vitamin D – helps the absorption of calcium, converts estrogen into its weaker forms;

Omega-3 and omega-6 are essential acids, are an integral part of the pathway of testosterone biosynthesis;

Vitamins of group B – participate in thousands of biochemical reactions and increase the synthesis of sex hormones.

These vitamins are found in citrus fruits, berries, fish oil, fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

Proteins, fats, carbohydrates are the basis of human nutrition and vital activity, without which there is not a single biochemical process, including the synthesis of testosterone.  For example, fats are sources of cholesterol, which is the basis for a molecule of testosterone. Therefore, men need to balance the diet so that there is no shortage of these substances.


Depending on the body weight, a person should drink about 1.5 liters of clean water per day. Increased water intake is necessary if you are actively involved in sports. And remember, the water is not – soda, sweetened juices, sweet drinks and stuff.


Intake sufficient amounts of natural unsaturated fats.  As studies by various scientists from around the world have shown, foods that have unsaturated fats make excellent contribution to the production of normal testosterone. Thus, in order to increase the level of testosterone naturally, it is necessary to consume enough unsaturated fat-containing foods.

Sea fish, olives, vegetable oil are very important for the body of men, because it is during processing that they release special enzymes capable of raising the level of the most important male hormone.

What should be excluded in a healthy balanced diet?

However, not all foods will work to normalize the hormonal background. Try to exclude these foods from the diet:

  • Fast carbohydrates (pastries, buns, white bread, chocolate, sweets).
  • Fatty foods. Such food contains a lot of cholesterol and fat, forming excess weight.
  • Fizzy and carbonated drinks.  Such drinks contain a lot of sugar and are generally harmful to health.

3.  Healthy sleep

Many people do not realize that deep sleep naturally can increase the hormone level.  We need to sleep at least about 8 hours every night.  A healthy sleep is important for good health and a good helper in increasing the male libido.

In many studies, it was found that lacking of sufficient sleep can cause the level of the male hormone to drop by 40%.  While sleeping, our body is completely restored after a daily active way of life.  Testosterone is restored at night faster than during wakefulness.

It is in the phase of deep sleep that most of the sex hormones are secreted.  If you do not sleep enough, all the efforts and measures taken to increase testosterone are in vain.

A healthy sleep for most people lasts about 7-8 hours.  The best criterion for normal sleep duration is waking up feeling fresh and cheerful.  Ideally, you should wake up without an alarm clock, feeling completely rested.

It is also important to provide other sleeping conditions for maximum production of testosterone.  Sleep should take place in complete silence and darkness.

4.  Sports and training

Healthy active lifestyles, especially sports, perfectly improve the overall level of testosterone in the body. Physical exercise is simply necessary for the full development and production of the hormone.

testosteroneSuch exercises as push-ups, pull-ups, and barbell exercises, perfectly affect the most important functions of the body and the production of testosterone.

Training with weights can increase the testosterone level and lead to a healthy lifestyle.  However, do not forget that excessive loads can harm the body.  You need to keep reasonable limits on sports.  It has been proved by numerous studies that moderate exercises with weights contribute to the increase of testosterone.

If you want to keep your hormones at a maximum, the duration of training should not exceed an hour.  Suggested duration will approximately be: 10-15 minutes warm-up and 45-50 minutes training with weights.  But why?

Because after 45-50 minutes of training, the catabolic hormone called cortisol, which is a testosterone antagonist, begins to be produced. Till this time in training, testosterone is actively produced.

The number of training should not exceed 3 per week.  Between training, it is necessary to take a break at least one day so as to restore the muscles and strength of the body.

Train large muscles: back, legs, chest.  Be sure to include basic strength exercises in the training program to increase testosterone, such as squatting, bench press lying and standing, etc.

A significant increase in the hormone-building background is carried out by training large muscle groups.  If you believe that active training of biceps, triceps, calves, press and forearms will give you the right level of hormone, then you are mistaken.  Only the training of large muscle groups is capable of this.

The weight of barbells and dumbbells should be such that you can do as many as 8-10 repetitions. And the last repetition should cause maximum effort.

It does not have to be heavey exercises to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic region.  For example, you can perform circular pelvic rotations, slopes to the sides and other warm-up exercises.  Also exercises for deflection of the spine such as yoga will be useful.  Such a small complex of exercises will affect the hormonal background only if it is systematically performed.

Some men may need specialized exercises, such as coccygeus muscle training.  Training this muscle not only improves the blood supply of the genital organs, but also contributes to the active transfer of testosterone from the area of ​​its production into the bloodstream, where it exerts its positive effect on the body.

Walking also is an excellent physical activity to enhance the synthesis of the hormone. During walking, the testicles are evenly wiggled (make sure that underwear allows it), which sets the pace of synthesis of sex hormones leading to an improvement in the hormonal background.

Explosive short-term work of muscles, such as sprinting or running, promotes a burst of testosterone and growth hormone, while prolonged cardio helps to release cortisol – one of the testosterone antagonists.

It is enough to look at the difference in the physiques of a sprinter and a marathon runner. But this does not mean that you should completely avoid prolonged cardio workouts – they just need to be dealt with moderately if your priority is to improve the hormonal background.

5.  Calmness and restraint

Stress and nerves are the first things that you need to control in order to reduce testosterone in the body. With excessive emotional overload, the hormone cortisol is released, which, when ingested, automatically lowers the testosterone level.

Thus, you must still try to keep the mood calm.  Do not pay attention to various trifles, which can make you lose your temper, and you should always think about something positive.  If possible, avoid stressful situations, more often stay in a good mood.  A good mood can improve the production of androgens.

6. Decrease in the body of a female hormone (estrogen)

Perhaps this sounds unrealistic.  But there is a female hormone, estrogen, in the male body.  If this female hormone is stronger than testosterone, it actively develops a decrease in the production of the male hormone.

To avoid this, you need to consume more raw vegetables, such as raw cabbage and broccoli. In addition, foods that contain fiber (corn, rice) will also help increase the level of the male hormone.

7.  Active sexual activity

Active sexual activity is one of the most important aspects of increasing testosterone levels naturally.  Mostly, it concerns men after 40 when the level of libido starts to decrease and sexual attraction to the opposite sex disappears.

Moderate sexual contacts increase the production of sex hormones. But do not overdo it in your sexual impulses; otherwise, you will get the opposite result.

Simple sexual impulses also increase the level of the hormone.  A simple erection helps increase testosterone in the body.  That’s why leading experts advise those who have low testosterone levels to often expose to erotic scenes.

8.  D-aspartic acid

This method cannot be called natural, but the use of this acid is absolutely harmless and does not disrupt the metabolism in the body.  Therefore, if it is difficult to increase the level of the male hormone naturally, you can drink a course of this acid that dramatically increases the level of the hormone in the body.

Tips on how to avoid reducing testosterone levels

1.  Avoid alcoholic beverage consumption

The consumption of alcoholic beverages promotes the production of enzymes that dramatically reduce testosterone levels in the male body.  When you drink it, the liver slows down and the hormone estrogen enters the bloodstream, which stops or reduces the activity of producing the male hormone.

Alcohol in the body of a man provokes the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. In addition, it causes systemic harm to the entire body, which cannot but affect the production of hormones for the worse.

Degrees of alcohol do not matter in its negative effect. For example, beer contains analogues of female sex hormones, which catastrophically affects the hormonal background. The exception is natural red dry wine, which, on the contrary, inhibits the action of the aromatase enzyme, responsible for the metabolism of testosterone in estrogen.

2.  Do not eat soy products

All soy foods in large quantities contain the female estrogen hormone, which is extremely harmful to men. Therefore, in order to avoid a decrease in testosterone, it is necessary to exclude these foods from the daily diet.

3.  Do not overheat the testicles

It is very important that the temperature of testicles always remain around 1-2 degrees below body temperature. Therefore, it is suggested to wear loose clothing, not a tightly fitting underwear.

4.  Live a healthy lifestyle

As mentioned above, eat healthy foods with sufficient physical exercises.  Most importantly, do not smoke.  Cigarettes contain nicotine, which makes it difficult to produce a testosterone hormone in the body.  Therefore, you should never start smoking or must stop smoking soonest.

5.  Do not overeat

Overeating causes two negative factors:

1) The body spends a lot of energy on digesting food, while the processes of producing sex hormones are inhibited; and

2) Permanent overeating provokes the deposition of excess fat, the consequences of which have been described above. It is especially not recommended to overeat because the digestive processes inhibit the hormone production.

6.  Be in the sun

Vitamin D, which is produced by exposure to sunlight, increases testosterone levels.


Following all the tips and techniques above, you can at home increase the testosterone level naturally.  You need to get rid of the factors that reduce the production of the sex hormone, and focus on its increase.  Then, the effectiveness of treatment and prevention of testosterone insufficiency will be much higher.

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